Going into Hospital or Nursing Home.

Due to The Data Protection Act,  it is important that you or someone else notifies your Parish Priest. It is not now possible for you to ask the Hospital Registration Department or The Ward Sister. The responsibility now is for you or a member of your family to inform your priest or the Hospital Chaplain.


Fr Michael Puljic is the new hospital chaplain.
At the Royal Stoke University Hospital
He is the first to call.

To contact the chaplains the telephone number is 01782 676400.

He is employed for only 3 full days. Other emergency cover is being provided by a number of people.
Communion rota to the wards is continuing.
When someone is ill... If you, or someone you know, becomes ill, or goes into hospital for any length of time, and is no longer able to get to Mass contact your local parish priest, deacon or sister.
If you know someone who is going into hospital arrangements can be made for the chaplain to vsit in hospital or a minister to bring Holy Communion to their home

Rev Deacon Neil Adlington.

Chaplain for the Harpland Hospital:

If you know you are going into hospital for day care for a longer stay then ask you own parish priest beforehand for the Sacrament of the Sick.
In case of emergency it is important that someone telephones the hospital chaplain. (If you don’t have a mobile phone then do ask the nurse to call the chaplain). He will administer the Sacraments of the sick and Baptism n case of a baby and he will ensure that you receive Holy Communion. Of course you will still receive a visit from your  Parish priest or Deacon if we are also informed.

Don’t be afraid to ask, either for yourself, or someone else, it doesn’t make you into a failure or mean that the end is nigh, It does affirm God’s love for all his children in good times  as well as bad, in sickness as well as health.

Catholic Chaplain Visits-application.pdf

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Other Hospital Chaplains


Hayward & Stanfield Hospitals
Fr Christopher Miller

Bradwell Hospital.
Fr. Dominic Chukka
01782 626611

Longton Cottage Hospital
Fr. John Gilbert

Cheadle Hospital.
Fr. Eric Kemball
01538 75313

Moorlands Hospital & Ascombe Centre, Cheddleton
Fr Thé Quang Nguyen
01538 382385

Douglas Macmillan
Fr Robert Taylerson,

The Nuffield
Fr Anton Madej SCJ

For Residential Care Homes see your parish priest